Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nationals 09

Im really sorry to our alums that nothing was ever written about our first national's appearance in 3 years. I certainly would like to write about what happened in each of our games but Jacob from CSULB came to Ohio and graciously video taped most of our games. He did really good work, so here it is. This is more of a summary than I could ever write:

Game 1 Standford 12-15L
Game 2 Michigan , pt.2 10-15L

Game 3 Minnesota , pt.2 13-14L
Game 4 UVA, pt.2 12-15:

Game 5: Georga 15-11W!
Game 6: Luther - no video 12-14L
Game 7: NC State (SCHWAAAAAAAAANNNN!!!) - no video 15-13W!

Check out Amy "Meeko" Chang's photos of the Squid's (and some others) games

Full UPA score reporter on the tournament. (Notice that pool D was the toughest: D had the fewest single didget losses, two of them being 15-9, and we put 3 teams in the quarters) Each game was very tight and each opponent gave us a really tough game. Each loss felt very very winable.

Once again, big props to Jacob Baumer of Longbeach for the videos and Meeko for the photos.

Other fans that made the trek include: Nami, Wormser, Kubiak, and Soda's parents (and their cowbell). Thank you very much to them.