Monday, February 2, 2009

Introducing the Fish

Out of the 35 fish, 9 were taken this year (similar, to the amount of fish taken in the 06-07 campaign).

Here's a quick blurb on the fish in no particular order

Soda: Probably has one of the longest stories for how he got his name. Really fast, former cross country/ track runner in high school. He shows a lot of potential (not to say that any of the other fish don't). He's loudest person on the sidelines, even if he doesn't play a single point. Watch out for this kid in the future, he picks up things fast.

Threeve: Notorious for reciting poetry in trees, and hitting on girls with a box on his head. Played HS ultimate in Burlingham, under the coaching of a former Blacktide (booo) / current Jam player. Has a really smooth around flick. He also does a great chewbaca impression. Also known as BITUSA's friend

BITUSA (born in the USA): Named after Bruce Springsteen. Played HS ultimate with Threeve. He's probably one of the best known fish, because of his promiscuous actions with a psycho's sister (who is still in high school) *on a side note, Duol may have been behind that turn of events. Another thing BITUSA is famous for is his ability to eat an immense amount of food. He almost ate 10 doughnuts in 15 minutes... keep in mind, this was after he ate a California burrito 10 minutes before. BITUSA will be the next Bobble.

Heyzer: Tall guy from Colorado. He somehow has time to play for the squids, even though he's on the UCSD golf team. He's your complete player he will play receiver, he will jack it, he will bid, he will eat your babies. He threw a game winning backhand huck to Balco on DGP against SDSU in so cal warm up. There's talk of him being a possible FOTY. Besides his deadly frisbee skills, his looks are able to cause any psycho to fall in love with him. Watch out for this kid whether it'll be on the PGA tour, frisbee pitch, or the next Zoolander movie.

Scoops: Heyzer's appt mate. Former soccer player turned frisbee fanatic. He has a good field sense, and will learn to pick up the game well. He caught a nice layout bid against SB in sean ryan. He's currently training with the members of squid rice (coppa and myself) to develop low deadly pinpoint throws.

JohnC: Short, fast, white boy from the OC who is infatuated with Lil Wayne and Akon. Like soda, he was a former track stud in HS. He has accelerates very well and is a little ball of energy. Keep an eye out for him (it's going to be hard considering how dam small and fast he is).

Didj: Defensive stud. Basically a white Balco from Texas who can hold his own. He bids with no regard, and will own anyone he marks up on. Unlike Balco, he has a dam good flick. His IO breaks have been known to cut grown in half (wtf do they put in the water in Texas). Fun kid to hang out with, he has mono right now though... probably cuz he won the party from last weekend.

Borland: This kid didn't know he was on A-team until 1 month after the roster was posted. Despite his missed training time, his learning curve is pretty fast. I like the kid's name, because I used to watch home improvement.

Foley/Pebbles/Pubbles: Comes to the Squids having played High School ultimate locally at University City. Like Threeve, he has nice throws for a fish. Once he gets "kill mode" instilled in him, he'll get really dam good. Like scoops, he is being trained by squid rice and will begin to utilize those dirty low IO throws.

- Giant whale


  1. Yui: Our transfer from Carleton GOP. Solid handler who loves to throw and go. Huge bids on D.

    Cork v2.0: Just rolled out of the factory. Many people may not have noticed that we replaced the old cork with this newer model, after all, it looks the same. v2.0 comes with a completely revamped flick, but the same user friendly interface.

  2. Calibrate that BITUSA kid with the Broken Yolk Challenge.

    Keep the Ice Fish throwing. In my day they had a tendency to focus too much on how fast they were or how many Ds they got and two years later all the lite guys had better throws. Talent and complacency are a nasty combination. Keep'em honest and hopefully I'll be shotgunin' all you bitches under the table in Columbus this May.