Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stanford Invite Schedule

This year, Stanford Invite is a 72 team tournament in Modesto put on by Cultimate. Here is the schedule (courtesy of Pumba):


Sat Rd 1 (8:30) - Pacific Lutheran

Rd 2 (10:25) - Washington

Rd 3 (12:20) - British Columbia

Rd 4 (2:15) - BYE

Rd 5 (4:10) - Western Washington

Sun Rd 1 (8:00) - UC-Santa Cruz

Rd 2 (9:55) - BYE

Rd 3 (11:50) - UC-Davis

We also have a fungus to watch out for called Coccidiodiomycosis. Symptoms "range from a minor flu-like illness to life-threatening respiratory conditions and serious disorders outside of the pulmonary system". If it's sunny, we're relatively safe from the so-called "valley-fever". If it's rainy and windy, these buggers will proliferate and release spores into the air.

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