Monday, March 22, 2010

Centex 2010 quickie

Hey everyone. This is gonna be short as I am typing on the Broberg family computer in Austin right before we leave for the Jesus Coast and the Texas Giant.

The weather for the weekend was wet and windy. Games didnt start on Saturday until 2:30 and they were at the double-super secret backup fields 2 hours away in San Antonio. We get to the site (full of mud from the rain) and start warming up and cant believe our in ability to throw more than 10 yards in the 25-30mph winds. Every game this weekend was Huck & Z going down wind.

First game vs Texas we get 2 up wind breaks by ridiculous catches from Forge. Bobble's forehand is real important cause it can go 35 yards upwind.

Second game vs Northwestern (Stukel...Retard) we get a few up-winders, some of which we actually manage to work it with short throws. Nice around breaks by a few dudes.

Last game from UNC. A little bad blood from last year's Centex when we beat them on DGP. They have 2 dudes that have 35 yard flicks and one guy who can catch blades better than Dollar. We trade back and forth for an hour and they get a lucky upwinder and rode it out for the last few points. Fuck.

We get in the van and drive back to Austin cold and tired.

Sunday is back at UT.
First game vs Cal who we have played at every tournament so far... so much for coming to Texas to play new teams. Their break throws in the wind are way better than our and we don't adjust to their stack plays. On to the 9nals bracket.

Next up is NC State who got Schawn on a transfer, a promising looking fish from 3 years ago. Except for the fact that he quite their team too. Not to name names, but the captains from that year only produced one fish from that year that still plays frisbee. (And thats Kenobi, so...)
They actually get the first up wind break but we get it right back and then proceed to take over and win handlely. Cable (a rookie) gets a ninja kick D which really sealed the deal and had us on the ground laughing for a while, even Angry Kevin.

Westen Washington has a guy on Sockeye, Nate Castine, who has money throws. But we all show real poise and work it through the cup. I think this was our best wind game. Of note, Metz has a pull that went up, made it to their endzone (in the Stratosphere) and then blew back to our goal line. Craziest thing ever.

9nals Final vs Pitt. Some teams are made up of nice guys. Some are composed of dicks. I respect the fact that they played better than us, but nobody is a fan of their attitude. They need CAT scans.

10th aint bad but I woundn't put much stock in the results of this tourney as few points actually had offenses.

Now its off to Spring Break!!! Boya

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